Empathy Wines – Meet the Winery that’s Changing the Wine World

The wait is over. We’re excited to unveil an exciting new way we’re making and selling wine.

We grew tired of wine lovers in the US being forced to pay too much for a great bottle. The traditional channels add big mark-ups to the price of wine, and too often, the farmers who pour their soul into producing great bottles are forgotten about.

Empathy Wines is a result of our empathy for The Farmer, and empathy for You, the wine drinker. We work with quality-conscious and sustainable grape growers in great regions of California, to produce incredible bottles of rosé, white, and red blends that ship direct to your doorstep. Because we’re circumventing distributors and retailers, we’re able to make and sell wines that would cost 2X at your local wine shop.

Plus, for our top Club Empathy customers, we created a personal Wine Concierge service. Need help selecting a special bottle of Cabernet to gift your father-in-law for the holidays? Planning a trip to wine country and want VIP access to tasting rooms? We’ll give you a private number to text for any wine inquiry you have.

For more details, head to our website. It’s jam packed with more info about why we started Empathy Wines, the farmers we’re working with, and how to buy.

We’d be so grateful to have you as one of our very first customers. And please share this with the people in your life who appreciate great wine.

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