Banana wine recipe without using yeast | Banana wine in 14 days | Coorg style banana wine recipe

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Homemade banana wine without using yeast | Banana wine in 14 days | Coorg style banana wine recipe

Homemade banana wine can be made using any variety of ripe bananas, sugar and small amount whole wheat. Wheat is used for fermentation instead of yeast here. Wheat can also be replaced by rice or ragi( finger millet) but fermentation days varies.
Our homemade banana wine recipe is illustrated with simple procedure in this video. Why not try this recipe and check it out.


Ripe Bananas – 200 grms(Any variety can be used)
Sugar – 1 cup(250 grms)
Whole wheat – 2 tsp
Water – 3 cups( 750 ml, boiled and cooled)

Instructions to prepare wine:

1. Chop bananas into small pieces and add it into an air-tight container.
2. Add sugar, wheat, boiled and cooled water and cover the lid.
3. Keep the container in the dark place for 10 days. Stir once or twice in-between.
4. After 14 days, strain the contents into a vessel and transfer it into a glass container.
5. Cover the lid tightly and place it in dark place for another 4 days so that it will ferment well.
6. After 4 days, banana wine is ready to serve. The taste gets better as it ages. It can be stored up to 1 year, just make sure you use good fruits and boiled and cooled water in this wine making process.

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